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March 2023


Pin Brooches made from sustainable walnut wood.

Earlier in the year I started work on two new collections 'Save Our Seas' and 'Ancient Greece'. I'd looked back on old work and noticed a lack of focus and direction so I wanted to make sure that I wasn't constantly swayed by all the pretty stuff out there and make collections that were more true to my own style and character.'Save our Seas', amongst others features a tattooed sailor, the novelty classic, tinned sardines, a blue-haired mermaid and 'Octopus' matches.  

My 'Ancient Greece' collection features designs inspired by Ancient Greek pottery, there are a lot of playful elements to this collection which are both charming and a bit tongue in cheek!

The brooches are printed and cut from sustainable walnut wood in the UK.

I've also made the decision to return to my love of textiles and have had 4 new designs for pocket squares/neckerchiefs printed onto Regenesis satin, this fabric is silky soft and unbelievably made from plastic packaging waste!

Being eco conscious has to be at the heart of what I do, so using materials with much less environmental impact is so important to me.


Pocket Squares made from recycled plastic waste

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